Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity and chance is what happens when talent meets opportunity

We cannot have all we dream in life. At least not all of us because we always depend on somebody. This is the main reason so many trees were cut to write tragic novels and poems.

Not only that we depend on people, but also that we depend on their mood at a certain moment. Yes, people nowadays are connected to technology and information and they have that strong belief that they are gods or kings (when they are on their haunting territory). I believe it's called the complex of deity. As they are so confident about their important role in society, they can afford to treat the others "mortals" like slaves. It is a relation of submission.

And those who doubt about their moral capacity and intelligence firstly become the slaves of their incapabilitis and later become the slaves of the others. If your dreams cannot become true because you dream too big, you have to work hard to help the others achieve their ones. Yes, sad but true. Life is a fight and can only be a single winner. 

I read an article few months ago written by Stephen Hawing. Briefly, he concluded that the world will end because of our agresivity. It wouldn't be a surprise to return to the inferior stages of evolution.  I see people argue so convince they are right. Also, I see that the technology that was meant to brings us closer but fact distance us. 

Facebook, that worldwide known social network...It Was a social network that was design to bring people closer and not taking them apart. Now, I see that it becomeS a network used primarly to analyse and to criticize and most of all envy people. 

Why there are some that can afford an expensive trip in Bahamas, Seychells and I cannot ? And the list keeps going. Now, after analyzing our need of socialize, as Aristotel said we are "zoon politikon", I see that people need a network that can put them in the first place. :) Something like : You are the owner of your destiny and you are the most powerful of all and in the same time, you have thousands of friends and we all are a happy family. 

We have to live in peace with our destiny and accept that some people just are made to have more than others no matter how hard we try to bring justice into light. Yes, life is complicated nowadays for all, but the true lucky and favourd by faith at the end of the day can smile.

If somebody would ask me why life is a tragedy for those who weren't born under Fortuna's grace, I would say it's simple and because it's simple is sad. Simple things are the sadest as simple words such as hate and love seem to be the hardest words.

In order to succed and be lifted up in the air, you have to accept that you have to do your best to make your destiny.  

If you think that somebody can help you with something else except money and some words (people give advices whenever they can even if they aren't asked, unfortunately), you are wrong. To be emotional independent, it's the key to success in life. To bear your own cross. 

People tend to become emotional attached and move backward towards their basic instinct. This is a good thing to do, considering that there are some "elements" who spend their life manipulating the others. 

You have to dream big but to use perseverence to achive it. Learn day after day, never rest, always move. Use every breath  to make you fell confortable with yourself. Enjoy every day as it is the last. 

Otherwise, it's better not to dream at all and accept that you will work all your life helping those curious gods and powerful kings to build their dreams or better said that grotesque spectacle, for people without talent and substance (soul) don't have dreams or hops they just organize plays to be played by mighty slaves or actors. 

I wish really talented people  have the chance to be appreciated and encouraged in life. But sometimes, life is cruel and the dices roll independent on talent and intelligence or perseverence. Sometimes, luck plays a role when defines someone's life.

Some were born under a lucky star and we will never know they existed and others stoled the sparkle from them and made an artificial spectacle of fireworks. And what a spectacle! Quite a show....

However, everyday the sun shines for all of us and sometimes all that remains to be done is to accept that the laws of nature favours those who accept them and ruins those who defy  "gravity". 

When you do not accept the general order, DO NOT act. Afterall, it's better to play dead than actually be.

Maybe Fortuna will eventually turn her attention on you. Or me