marți, 14 iulie 2015

Life should be beautiful. What makes us to complicate it ? weird...beacause most of the time I have nothing to do, I analyse people.

We are the best trained creature of nature. Sometimes I even think we are robots (or we should) without emotions .

I should have a wonderful life, full of fullfilments : learn, travel, work, love, but I don't.

It's too complicated. I have that strange feeling that my life is worthless and I will end up alone ( I would prefer this to happen) and that until I will close my eyes I will make many people to suffer.

This is a reality. And this is happing because I have emotions. If I hadn't, all will be happy; it's a creazy theory but when I know that I am alone, I don't act superficial.

After all life is a war (for those without the sense of humor) or a game (for those that enjoy the ride).

Day after day, you have to fight : to run for the subway, with colleagues from work, with colleagues from the University, with family members, basically and in the first place with your feelings and emotions.

What is the purpose? Well is guess that even if I don't believe in God ( actually I do and I have much faith, it's kind of difficult to express it in words), I truly, with all my being believe in Good. All to be happy because I was born and raised and educated in the common sense that all people are equals. And good and equality is something it is worth living for.

If we didn't believe in good, we would be no more than animals (live, eat and particularly mate, all day, all night).

In my life, from my infance I read. Many books; education isn't to be found at the University. It is in you. Of course there are some that have aquired knowledge in school, but isn't enough to be somebody independent, with an opinion.

I for example had the greatest marks when I was admitted at Sorbona University. You wouldn't want to know what happend to me and others colleagues that were in the same class as I (the Golden A). We were "slaughtered" by others robots ( people that only memorize and have to faith in Good and most of all do not respect the others, as they so wrongfully believe they are superiors).

However, it comes a time when we have to pay are debts, in so many ways. It's doesn't matter for me, as I feel no satisfaction when I see "justice".

I only hope that there will be a time when people will have personal ambitions and will read a book or understand a problem, just because, with purpose. To believe to admire nature and all its creatures, not to hate others because they have more then you have. okey, put it this way : they have more than me, they are more then me, how can I become one of them? Why do all just hate what they cannot understand. More than that, in the ART of War (one of my favorite books) it is stated clearly : Respect you enemy.

I have confrounted many, with more or less than me. They hate with all their heart and want to destroy others to take their place. Why don' respect the enemy and assume a war with justice?

Yes, we humans are weak, because we love and care, and this makes us easy targets for robots that just want vengence.

And another important aspect of our lives is to leave our dream, do not interfere with others dreams and most of all do not want to help the others build their dream.

Life is a lost battle at least for me...I feel that I have so many informations to share and it's a pleasure to speak with people about history, about health and to listen to them.

It's brokes my heart to see millionaires that ask me who is Cristofor Columb or "supervisors or super humans" that say Givenchy "ghivenci".

I read people's face, unfortunatelly for me. To see somebody with power and money with education, it's the greatest pain I have experienced in this life.

I can accept that we are not perfect, but if you have less knowledge than other, you should respect him Any try to learn not to immitate!!!!! Him. Try to think and see as he does, do not disrepect him.

Nobody will be smarter if it immitates something. In order to understand somebody, you have to respect him.

So, to conclude, life would be less complicated with more work and less talking. And train daily your brain and body as if the great war is to come. Have feelings and emotions because this makes us natures greatest achivement, but learn to control them. Do not let the others speculate on you weakness and emotions.

Respect your enemy and fight with degnity.

"Let them be shown that we choose to die on our feet, rather then live on our knees!"

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